It feels wonderful to begin a new year, 2017, having completed our commission for the Dane County Jail.

These are the 6 Core Values, soon to be installed at the Public Safety Building.


Found & revitalized this small shelf, perfect for a traveling display of our work.

Available for for workshops, retreats or any event folks may desire to have us attend.


I just returned from a trip to Uganda. This is my friend, Rebecca. She is a business woman who travels around the world featuring Ugandan art. The women & men creating, like us, work in small creative spaces, often in their own homes with children under foot. At our project we are looking for opportunities to provide some economic possibilities such as    setting up savings accounts & learning more about how to budget our resources.

Women like Rebecca inspire. Uganda is a country with visible poverty but also a wealth of creativity and spirituality. We have much to learn in our affluence. May we continue to share our gifts & talents! peace & gratitude, Julia